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Ground Rod Driver

A range of quality hydraulic drivers or hydraulic breakers capable of driving ground rods or earthing rods in the earth. These units require a low pressure hydraulic power source such as machinery (bobcat, tractor, excavator, etc - these items may require a flow control valve) or petrol/diesel/electric pump. Hydraulic drivers can be used with long hose sets keeping the driver a long distance from the pump or power source. With the right power source/pump the tool can be operated for longer periods of time than self contained drivers or breakers (such as petrol/diesel), they can also be more powerful and weigh less than these units.

Alternate terminology: Hydraulic Ground Rod Driver, Grounding Rod Driver, Earth Rod Driver

Featured 'Ground Rod Driver' Products


Maruzen KH240V Post Driver

Maruzen KH240V Post Driver For fencing, piping, road barrier tubes, signposts, earth rods, anchors, tendrils supports,...

  • Made in Japan
  • Two side handles make it ergonomically easier to operate

Greenlee Hydraulic Ground Rod Drivers

Greenlee Hydraulic Ground Rod Drivers Model No. 11192 11193 Description Ground Rod Driver 16mm Opening Ground Rod Driver 25mm Opening ...

  • Lightweight allows easy mounting on top of rods.
  • Can be used with Open and Closed-Center hydraulic systems.

Maruzen KH800 Hydraulic Post Driver

Maruzen KH800 Hydraulic Post Driver The Maruzen KH800 hydraulic post driver is a heavy duty unit, suitable for...

  • Made in Japan

Maruzen Hydraulic Breakers

Maruzen Hydraulic Breakers Used in finishing and demolition work Low Noise and Low Vibration  No restriction for...

  • Made in Japan
  • Low Noise and Low Vibration