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Cutters - Electric

Electric (240VAC / 50Hz) powered cutters for cutting steel rod, steel bar, bolts, solid wire, reinforcing bar / rebar.

Alternate terminology: Electric ReBar Cutter, 240VAC Steel Bar Cutting Machine, Reinforcing Rod Cutter Electric

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Diamond DC32WH 32mm Electric Rebar Cutter

Diamond DC32WH Electric 32mm Rebar Cutter Model No. DC32WH   Dimensions 591 x 180 x 272mm   Weight 35....

  • Heavy Duty 32mm Rebar Cutter
  • Top Handle style

Diamond DBC25X 25mm Electric Rebar Cutter / Bender

Diamond DBC25X Electric 25mm Rebar Cutter / Bender Model No. DBC-25X   Dimensions 700 x 680 x 440mm   ...

  • Fast bending and cutting of up to 25mm rebar
  • Suitable for site or workshop use

Diamond DC13LV 13mm Electric Rebar Cutter

Diamond DC13LV Electric 13mm Rebar Cutter Model No. DC13LV Dimensions 380 x 220 x 105mm Weight 6kg Max....

  • Lightweight and powerful
  • Pistol grip style

Diamond DC16W 16mm Electric Rebar Cutter

Diamond DC16W Electric 16mm Rebar Cutter Model No. DC16W Dimensions 460 x 270 x 115mm Weight 8kg Max....

  • "D" Handle Style
  • Lightweight and Powerful

Diamond DC25W 25mm Electric Rebar Cutter

Diamond DC25W Electric 25mm Rebar Cutter Model No. DC25W   Dimensions 525 x 145 x 250mm   Weight 2...

  • Top handle style
  • Heavy-duty 25mm rebar cutter

Diamond DC20W 20mm Electric Rebar Cutter

Diamond DC20W Electric 20mm Rebar Cutter Model No. DC20W   Dimensions 500 x 150 x 135mm   Weight 10....

  • "D" Handle Style
  • Heavy Duty 20mm rebar cutter

Diamond DC20HL 20mm Electric Rebar Cutter

Diamond DC20HL Electric 20mm Rebar Cutter Model No. DC20HL   Dimensions 395 x 112 x 220mm   Weight 11....

  • Top handle style
  • Lightweight and powerful

Diamond DBC16H 16mm Rebar Cutter/Bender

Diamond DBC16H Electric 16mm Rebar Cutter/Bender Model No. DBC16H   Dimensions 570 x 170 x 200mm   ...

  • Fast Bending and Cutting of up to 16mm Rebar
  • "D" Handle Style

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BN Products

BN Products BNCE-20 Electric Flush Cut Saw

BN Products BNCE-20 Electric Flush Cut Saw For cutting different materials found on the worksite, including rebar, threaded...

  • Cuts 10-21.8mm OD Rebar, Steel Rod / Bolts / Chain / Pipe
  • Quality - Field Tested & Proven

Sima CEL-52-P 40mm Rebar Cutter

Sima CEL-52-P 40mm Rebar Cutter This heavy duty SIMA CEL-52-P Rebar Cutter / Shear will...

  • High efficiency electric motor IE3 type
  • Thermically treated inner mechanisms