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Electric Cutters

Electric (240VAC / 50Hz) powered cutters for cutting steel rod, steel bar, bolts, solid wire, reinforcing bar / rebar.

Alternate terminology: Electric ReBar Cutter, 240VAC Steel Bar Cutting Machine, Reinforcing Rod Cutter Electric

Featured 'Electric Cutters' Products


Diamond DC32WH 32mm Electric Rebar Cutter

Diamond DC32WH Electric 32mm Rebar Cutter Model No. DC32WH   Dimensions 591 x 180 x 272mm   Weight 35....

  • Heavy Duty 32mm Rebar Cutter
  • Top Handle style

Diamond DBC25X 25mm Electric Rebar Cutter / Bender

Diamond DBC25X Electric 25mm Rebar Cutter / Bender Model No. DBC-25X   Dimensions 700 x 680 x 440mm   ...

  • Fast bending and cutting of up to 25mm rebar
  • Suitable for site or workshop use

Diamond DC13LV 13mm Electric Rebar Cutter

Diamond DC13LV Electric 13mm Rebar Cutter Model No. DC13LV Dimensions 380 x 220 x 105mm Weight 6kg Max....

  • Lightweight and powerful
  • Pistol grip style

Diamond DC16W 16mm Electric Rebar Cutter

Diamond DC16W Electric 16mm Rebar Cutter Model No. DC16W Dimensions 460 x 270 x 115mm Weight 8kg Max....

  • "D" Handle Style
  • Lightweight and Powerful

Diamond DC25W 25mm Electric Rebar Cutter

Diamond DC25W Electric 25mm Rebar Cutter Model No. DC25W   Dimensions 525 x 145 x 250mm   Weight 2...

  • Top handle style
  • Heavy-duty 25mm rebar cutter

Diamond DC20W 20mm Electric Rebar Cutter

Diamond DC20W Electric 20mm Rebar Cutter Model No. DC20W   Dimensions 500 x 150 x 135mm   Weight 10....

  • "D" Handle Style
  • Heavy Duty 20mm rebar cutter

Diamond DC20HL 20mm Electric Rebar Cutter

Diamond DC20HL Electric 20mm Rebar Cutter Model No. DC20HL   Dimensions 395 x 112 x 220mm   Weight 11....

  • Top handle style
  • Lightweight and powerful

Diamond DBC16H 16mm Rebar Cutter/Bender

Diamond DBC16H Electric 16mm Rebar Cutter/Bender Model No. DBC16H   Dimensions 570 x 170 x 200mm   ...

  • Fast Bending and Cutting of up to 16mm Rebar
  • "D" Handle Style

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BN Products

BN Products BNCE-20 Electric Flush Cut Saw

BN Products BNCE-20 Electric Flush Cut Saw For cutting different materials found on the worksite, including rebar, threaded...

  • Cuts 10-21.8mm OD Rebar, Steel Rod / Bolts / Chain / Pipe
  • Quality - Field Tested & Proven

Sima CEL-52-P 40mm Rebar Cutter

Sima CEL-52-P 40mm Rebar Cutter This heavy duty SIMA CEL-52-P Rebar Cutter / Shear will...

  • High efficiency electric motor IE3 type
  • Thermically treated inner mechanisms