Izumi S-32CC1 Hydraulic Cutter

Izumi S-32CC1 Hydraulic Cutter

The heavy-duty head design cuts up to 25mmOD, steel materials up to 19mmOD and features easily replaceable blades.

  • The unit has anvil style cut blades for solid materials (Chain, Steel bar, Guy wire, Re-bar) and a flip-top latch for easy insertion of cutting material.
  • The S-32CC1 hydraulic cutter was specially designed to cut the toughest EHS guy wire, ground and anchor rods.
  • The anvil style, center-cut blades eliminate jamming problems common to shear type cutters, and the blades are easily replaced in the field.
  • The tool is made of high-grade steel and has rubber handle grips.
  • A flip-top latch opens the tool jaw to insert material to cut easily.


Model No.S-32CC1
Output Force (kN)191
Reservoir Capacity (cc)165
Max. Handle Force (N)284
Relief Valve No
Size (mm)685 (Length)
Weight (kg)10.2

Please download the catalogue page for details on the Izumi S-32CC1 Hydraulic Cutter.

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