Izumi S-200 Hand Hydraulic Cutter

Izumi S-200 Hand Hydraulic Cutter

Light-weight, portable hydraulic cutter features new series, heavy-duty improved design.

  • Guillotine type cutting jaw is less jamming then shear-type cutting jaw.
  • No set-up time is required.
  • Blades are easily replaceable and 180 degree swivel and latch type head allow easy cutting position.


Model No.S-200
Output Force (kN)66
Max. Opening (mm)22
Reservoir Capacity (cc)60
Max. Handle Load (N)235
Pumping Cycles When No Load39 Times
Single Stage Pumping
No Relief Valve
Size (mm)400 (Length)
Weight (kg)3

Please download the catalogue page for details on the S-200 Hand Hydraulic Cutter.