Hilman SHD Series Individual Super Heavy Duty Rollers

Hilman SHD Series Individual Super Heavy Duty Rollers

Super Heavy Duty Series Hilman Rollers (SHD Series) are the highest capacity rollers that Hilman offers as standard models.

  • It is essentially an extension of the OT/NT/T Series in terms of top configurations and capacity.
  • SHD Series rollers range in capacity from 100-tons to 1000-tons.
  • There are several different models of 150-ton and 200-ton SHD models.


  • The 1000-ton is not the highest capacity roller Hilman can make.
  • Presently the single most, highest capacity Hilman Roller ever made is rated at 5000 metric tons.
  • If you have an application that requires the capacity of a single roller to be in excess of 1000 tons we encourage you to contact us to discuss the nature of your application in greater depth.

The full list of options and modifications for Hilman Load Rollers is:

  • Accu-Roll
  • Corrosion Resistance
  • Hydraulic Integration
  • Keyway Rollers
  • Rocker Tops & Turntables
  • Tapered Radius Rollers
  • Wipers
  • Pads

XNT Dimension Chart

XOT Dimension Chart

XT Dimension Chart