Crystal Engineering Corporation

Crystal Engineering, produces the industry's most accurate field-capable Pressure Gauges, Calibrators, and Reference Recorders for applications up to 15,000 psi, XP2i Digital Pressure Gauge.

Crystal Engineering is based in San Luis Obispo, CA and specializes its products for testing, calibration and measurement applications in oil & natural gas, offshore drilling, oil refineries, gas distribution, power generation, nuclear power, waste water, water supply, manufacturing, aerospace, and aircraft maintenance. They specialize in extremely rugged, Intrinsically Safe, hand-held pressure measurement devices. They pioneered silicon sensor technology with Active Digital Temperature Compensation and excellent linearity.

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Crystal GaugeCal XP Pressure Comparator 10,000 PSI / 700 Bar / 70 MPa

Crystal GaugeCal XP Pressure Comparator10,000 PSI / 700 Bar / 70 MPaThe GaugeCalXP is a self-contained, precision hydraulic pressure generator intended for the ...