12T Series Copper “C” Connector Dies

12T Series Copper "C" Connector Dies (Made in Australia)

The below die sets are for Copper “C” Connectors which are “C” shaped copper sections for terminating main and tap copper conductors.

  • Our dies are made to the same specifications as Burndy, Cabac and Dulmison/PLP (Preformed Line Products).
  • We also supply a range of Utilux die sets for copper conductor terminations.


SF Model No. Equivalent To
Burndy Cabac Dulmison/PLP
12T-U1011 U1011 HT130-C1011 -
12T-U997 U997 HT130-C997 -
12T-UC UC HT130-CC -
12T-UO UO HT130-CO -
12T-DU1315 - - DU1315

Click on the link to download more information on the 12T Series Copper "C" Connector Dies.