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Tractel LLX2-10T/Demo Digital Dynamometer


Tractel LLX2-10/Demo Dynamometer

DYNAFOR™ Offer an extensive range of load link dynamometers based on the strain gauges technology.

This State-of-the art technology is utilised in the new generation LLX2 and LLXH, the connection between sensor and display,

USB connection between display and PC, and monitoring software.
DYNAFOR™ LLX2 devices are precision load indicators to measure tensile forces (N) and to determine hanging loads (kg).
One DYNAFOR™ LLX2 unit consists of a sensor and a remotely installed display (2,4 Ghz connection).

Capacity: 10 Tonnes

Removable Display

The LLX2 display attaches securely to the sensor unit or can be held in your hand for remote operation.

Crossed Fastening Planes

The two axis of the sensor are crossed, enabling movements of lifting accessories on both sides, thus avoiding stresses due to load movements and enhancing appliance precision (Coplanar version available on request).

Resistant To Shock and Weather

The Dynafor LLX2 can be used indoors and outdoors, with excellent shock and moisture resistance, rated to IP66 protection.

High Precision

The Dynafor LLX2 has an accuracy of 0.1%, the industry standard.

A Wireless Link with 80 Metre Range

With its 2.4GHz frequency band, the Dynafor LLX2 provides a large operating range (80 metres) and can be used simultaneously in an environment with no risk of interference where a number of different devices are operating.

High Endurance

Sensor battery life: 300 to 1000 hours, depending on functions used, and 3000 hours while on standby.
Display battery life: 48 hours while in use.

Intuitive Commands

Use of and access to the various functions is fast and easy.

Interchangeable Displays

The Dynafor LLX2 uses a single model display for all models, ensuring high utilisation and flexibility.

Several Sensors and Displays can be Associated

Up to 4 sensors can be associated to up to 4 displays each.

PC Link

The optional PC Connection Kit (PC to LLX2 via USB) allows advanced processing of measurement data

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