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RGC FS20 Hydraulic Flat Saw c/w 5212212 Blade


The RGC FS20 Flat Saw uses hydraulic driect drive power to maintain constant cutting speeds and torque without belts, pulleys, excessive noise or exhaust fumes.

  • Virtually maintenance free due to operating in a closed hydraulic system.
  • Ideal for wall corner cuts due to the ability to cut flush with a perpendicular surface.
  • Attach the Upright Handle for easy wall cutting at floor level and for curb cutting.
  • Safely cuts a variety of materials in confined spaces, damp environments and underwater without risk of fumes or shock.
Model No. FS20
Blade Size 50.8cm (20")
Cutting Depth 20.3cm (8")
Blade Speed  1830 rpm
Flow 30 LPM (8 gpm)
Pressure Range  138-172 bar (2000-2500 psi)
Weight  17.2kg (38 lbs.)
  •  Cuts vertically, horizontally & underwater.
  • Cuts concrete, reinforced concrete, aggregate, stone, brick, block, pipe and steel beams quickly and cleanly.
  • Heavy duty hydraulic motor provides constant cutting speed under load.
  • Modular frame design permits easy replacement of parts.
  • Lightweight, rugged steel tube construction is lighter than gas saws.
  • Dual-function trigger for automatic wet cutting.
  • Accepts abrasive* or diamond blades.
  • Use inside or outside with no exhaust pollutants.
  • Heavy duty guard for flush cutting and guard attachment for normal cutting are standard features.

Includes 5212212 Blade for Med-Soft to very hard concrete with Rebar  - dimensions 533mm x 3.2mm (21" x 0.125")

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